The Administrators page allows you to add, delete, enable and disable FortiDB administration users. You can display administrators by roles using the View By Role dropdown list.
<selection check box>
Selects an administrator to modify or delete. Select column heading to select all administrators.
indicates an enabled administrator. An administrator who has the Security Administrator role can enable an account at any time.
indicates a disabled administrator. An administrator who has the Security Administrator role can disable an account at any time.
indicates a locked administrator account. FortiDB locks out an account after unsuccessful login attempts
User Name
The FortiDB user name for the administrator
First Name
The user's first name
Last Name
The user's last name
Email Address
The user's email address
To add or modify an administrator
When you add FortiDB administrators, you assign them one or more roles. The built-in FortiDB roles determine which FortiDB operations the administrator can perform.
1. Go to Administration > Administrators.
2. Do one of the following:
To create an administrator, click Add.
To edit the settings for an existing administrator, click the appropriate user name.
3. On the General tab, for User Authentication Type, select one of the following options:
Specifies an administrator that FortiDB authenticates using the password in the administrator settings
Specifies an administrator that FortiDB authenticates by connecting to the LDAP server specified in Global Configuration
4. Complete or edit the remaining General tab settings as required. Settings marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory.
5. If you are creating a new user and do not want the administrator to be able to log in after you save its settings, select Set user status as "disabled" immediately.
To disable an existing user, on the Administrators page, select the check box to the left of the administrator, and then click Disable.
6. Click the Roles tab, and then, in the Available Roles list, select one or more items. Click >> (right arrows) to add selected items to the Assigned Roles list.
To unassign roles, select the role in the Assigned Roles list and click << (left arrows).
For a description of the roles, see “Configuring permissions”.
7. Click the Targets tab, and then do one of the following:
Select Manage All Targets.
Select Manage Limited Targets, select one or more of the items in the Available Targets list, and then click >> (right arrows) to add the selected items to the Assigned Targets list.
To unassign targets, select the target in the Assigned Targets list and click << (left arrows).
The targets that an administrator can manage also depends on its role. For example, to edit any target, an administrator requires the Target Manager role.
8. Click Save.
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