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Adding VA policy groups
This topic describes the task of creating groups for predefined or user-defined policies by using filtering criteria.
1. Go to Policy > VA Policy Groups of the left-side menu.
2. Select the Add button.
3. On the subsequent Policies page, choose either the Pre-Defined Policies tab or the User-Defined Policies tab and then fill in the text boxes
a. Use the Policy Type dropdown in order to create a group consisting of just pre-defined policies, user-defined policies, or both (All).
b. Use the Group Name text box to enter a name that will show up in the saved policy-group list. Use the optional Description text box to describe your filtering/grouping criteria.
c. To create a filtering condition, enter an Column on which you would like to filter, an Operator that associates the Column with a Value, and a Value that the Column must match.
d. You can add or subtract, respectively, filtering criteria rows by selecting the + (plus) or - (minus) buttons.
You cannot use the same Column in multiple rows. For example, you cannot establish a criteria that includes all the policies with a Severity of Minor and all the policies with a Severity of Major.
In order to cancel creating a new policy-group filter and go back to the main Policies page, select the icon.
Here are some examples of filtering criteria:
Return Possibilities
all policies with a Severity of Minor
Database Type
all policies associated with DB2 databases
4. To test your filtering criteria, select the Apply button.
5. To save the group you created, select the icon.
In order to modify an existing group, select the Name of the group on the Policy Groups page.
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