Database activity monitoring (DAM) : Adding policy groups to target monitoring
Adding policy groups to target monitoring
When you configure monitoring for a target database, FortiDB automatically adds the data, metadata, and privilege alert policy groups to the configuration. However, it does not automatically associate PCI, SOX, and HIPAA alert policy groups.
FortiDB does not automatically associate any audit policies or audit policy groups with the target monitoring configuration. To allow FortiDB to perform policy-based activity auditing, you either select Log All on the configuration’s General tab or use the Audit Policies or Audit Policy Groups tabs to select policies.
Alternatively, instead of adding a policy group to a single target, you can add groups to multiple targets. For information, see “Adding policy groups to target database monitoring”.
To add a policy group to target database monitoring
1. Verify that you have a target connection that allows monitoring.
2. Go to DB Activity Monitoring > Monitoring Management.
3. Click the target name. The Target Monitor:<target name> page is displayed.
4. Select the Alert Policy Groups or Audit Policy Groups tab.
5. Select the policy groups you want to associate to the target from the Available Policy Groups box.
6. Click the right arrow to move the selection to the Selected Policy Groups box.
When you select a group, its policies are displayed in the Selected Policy Group contents box.
7. Select Save.
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