Database activity monitoring (DAM) : Adding alert and audit policies to monitoring
Adding alert and audit policies to monitoring
The Alert Policies and Audit Policies tabs on the monitoring configuration page allow you to configure data policies. FortiDB can add these policies to a new policy group automatically and associate the group with the current target.
Audit policies are available only for target monitoring configurations that use the TCP/IP Sniffer collection method.
The list of policies on the tab allows you to manage the policies that FortiDB uses to monitor the target:
To enable or disable policies, select one or more items in the list (or the checkbox in the column header to select all items), and then click Enable or Disable.
To delete user-defined policies, select the appropriate item, and then click Delete.
To create a data policy, in the Data Policies list, select a policy type, and then click Add.
For examples of creating data policies, see the database activity monitoring tutorials in “FortiDB tutorials”.
To edit a policy name, click its name.
Click the Restart button to restart monitoring after policy change.
For detailed information on these policies, see “Database Activity Monitoring (DAM) policies”.
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