execute > execute restore

execute restore

Use the following commands to manually import system files from an FTP/TFTP server as indicated:

Back up a configuration before restoring a different version. This command restores configuration changes only, and does not affect settings that remain at their default values. Default values might vary by firmware version.


execute restore config tftp <filename> <ip>

execute restore config-file tftp <filename> <ip>

execute restore image <ftp|tftp|tftp-ha-sync> <filename> <ip>

execute restore isp-address tftp <filename> <ip>

execute restore waf-signature <ftp|tftp> <filename> <ip>


Name of the file.


FTP or TFTP server.

For HA upgrades, use tftp-ha-sync to upgrade an HA cluster. For details on the HA cluster upgrade process, refer to the FortiADC Handbook.


IP address of the FTP/TFTP server.


FortiADC-VM # execute restore config tftp backup.conf

This operation will overwrite the current settings!

Do you want to continue? (y/n)


The FortiADC appliance then applies the configuration backup and reboots.