execute > execute date

execute date

Use this command to display or set the system date and time.


execute date [<mm/dd/yyyy> [hh:mm:ss]] <Enter>


If you do not specify a date, the command returns the current system date.


Current date where the FortiADC appliance is located. MM/DD/YY format.


HH:MM:SS format.


FortiADC-VM # execute date ?

date <mm/dd/yyyy> [hh:mm:ss]

<mm/dd/yyyy> mm/dd/yyyy, mm: 1-12, dd: 1-31, yyyy: 2001-2100


FortiADC-VM # execute date

Tue Mar 10 10:00:47 PDT 2015


FortiADC-VM # execute date 03/10/2015

send buff to ha. pid=31876, buff=

exec date