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Checking hardware connections
If there is no traffic flowing from the FortiADC appliance, you want to rule out hardware problems.
To check hardware connections:
Ensure the network cables are properly plugged in to the interfaces on the FortiADC appliance.
Ensure there are connection lights for the network cables on the appliance.
Change the cable if the cable or its connector are damaged or you are unsure about the cable’s type or quality.
Connect the FortiADC appliance to different hardware to see if that makes a difference.
In the web UI, go to System > Networking > Interface and ensure the link status is up for the interface.
If the status is down (down arrow on red circle), edit the configuration to change its status to Up.
You can also enable an interface in CLI, for example:
config system interface
edit port2
set status up
If any of these checks solve the problem, it was a hardware connection issue. You should still perform some basic software tests to ensure complete connectivity.
If the hardware connections are correct and the appliance is powered on but you cannot connect using the CLI or web UI, you may be experiencing bootup problems. See “Restoring firmware (“clean install”)”.