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diagnose commands
You can use the CLI diagnose commands to gather diagnostic information that can be useful to Fortinet Customer Care when diagnosing any issues with your system. The commands are similar to the Linux commands used for debugging hardware, system, and IP networking issues.
The following examples show the lists of diagnose commands:
FortiADC-VM # diagnose ?
debug debug
hardware hardware
netlink netlink
sniffer sniffer
system system
FortiADC-VM # diagnose debug
application set/get debug level for daemons
cli set/get debug level for CLI and CMDB
config-error-log read/clear config error information
crashlog crashlog
disable disable debug output
enable enable debug output
info show debug info
kernel set/get debug level for kernel
FortiADC-VM # diagnose hardware get ?
deviceinfo list device status and information
ioport read data from an I/O port
pciconfig list information on PCI buses and connected devices
sysinfo list system hardware information
FortiADC-VM # diagnose netlink ?
backlog set netlink backlog length
device display network devices statistic information
interface netlink interface
ip ip
ipv6 ipv6
neighbor netlink neighbor
neighbor6 netlink neighbor for ipv6
 route netlink routing table
route6 netlink routing table
 tcp display tcp statistic information
udp display udp statistic information
FortiADC-VM # diagnose system ?
top show top process
vmware check vmware state
For details, see the FortiADC CLI Reference.