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execute commands
You can use the command-line interface (CLI) execute commands to run system management utilities, such as backups, upgrades and reboots; and network diagnostic utilities, such as nslookup, ping, traceroute, and tcpdump.
The following example shows the list of execute commands:
FortiADC-VM # execute
backup backup
caching caching management
certificate certificate
clean clean
date set/get date and time
discovery-glb-virtual-server Sync virtual servers from glb server, add them to the virtual server list
factoryreset reset to factory default
formatlogdisk format log disk to enhance performance
geolookup lookup geography information for IP address
ha ha
isplookup lookup ISP name and isp-address for IP address
log log management
nslookup nslookup
ping ping <host name | host ip>
ping-option ping option settings
ping6 ping <host name | host ipv6>
ping6-option ping6 option settings
reboot reboot the system
reload reload appliance
restore restore
shutdown shutdown appliance
statistics-db statistics db management
tcpdump tcpdump <Port Number> [filter] (Only IPv4)
tcpdump-file tcpdump-file
tcpdump6 tcpdump6 <Port Number> [filter] (Include IPv6)
traceroute traceroute
vmware vmware
For details, see the FortiADC CLI Reference.