System Management : Updating firmware : Upgrade considerations
Upgrade considerations
The following considerations help you determine whether to follow a standard or non-standard upgrade procedure:
HA—Updating firmware on an HA cluster requires some additions to the usual steps for a standalone appliance. For details, see “Updating firmware for an HA cluster”.
Re-imaging—If you are installing a firmware version that requires a different size of system partition, you might be required to re-image the boot device. Consult the release notes. In that case, do not install the firmware using this procedure. Instead, see “Restoring firmware (“clean install”)”.
Downgrades—If you are downgrading the firmware to a previous version, and the settings are not fully backwards compatible, the system might remove incompatible settings or use the default values for that version of the firmware. You might need to reconfigure some settings.
Important: Read the release notes for release-specific upgrade considerations.