Advanced Networking : QoS : Configuring the QoS queue
Configuring the QoS queue
You must configure a queue before you configure a filter.
Before you begin:
You must have Read-Write permission for System settings.
To configure a QoS queue:
1. Go to Networking > QoS.
2. Click the QoS Queue tab.
3. Click Add to display the configuration editor.
4. Complete the configuration as described in Table 122.
5. Save the configuration.
Table 121: QoS configuration
Configuration name. Valid characters are A-Z, a-z, 0-9, _, and -. No spaces.
After you initially save the configuration, you cannot edit the name.
Maximum bandwidth rate. Specify a number and a unit abbreviation. For example, specify 100K for 100 Kbps, 10M for 10 Mbps, and 1G for 1Gbps.