System Management : Using certificates : Managing local certificates : Creating a local certificate group
Creating a local certificate group
Create local groups to facilitate the configuration of profiles that are associated with a virtual server.
Include in the local certificate group all of the server certificates and intermediate CAs for the pool of backend servers to be associated with a single virtual server.
Before you begin:
You must have Read-Write permission for System settings.
You must have already added the certificates to the local certificate store and Intermediate CA certificate store.
To create a local certificate group:
1. Go to System > Certificate > Manage Certificates.
The configuration page displays the Local Certificate Group tab.
2. Click Add to display the configuration editor.
3. Complete the configuration as described in Table 90.
4. Save the configuration.
Table 89: CA group configuration
Group Name
Configuration name. Valid characters are A-Z, a-z, 0-9, _, and -. No spaces. The maximum length is 35 characters.
After you initially save the configuration, you cannot edit the name.
Group Member
Local Certificate
Select the certificate to add to the group,
Intermediate CA group
Select the Intermediate CA group to add to the local group,
Select one certificate to be the default for the group.