Global Load Balancing : Configuring an address group
Configuring an address group
An address group is a configuration object that specifies the source and destination IP addresses that are the matching criteria for DNS policies.
Before you begin:
You must have Read-Write permission for Global DNS Server settings.
After you have configured an address group, you can select it in the DNS policy configuration.
To configure address groups:
1. Go to Global Load Balance > Zone Tools.
2. Click the Address Group tab.
3. Click Add to display the configuration editor.
4. Complete the configuration and add members as described in Table 41.
Table 37: DNS64 configuration
Configuration name. Valid characters are A-Z, a-z, 0-9, _, and -. No spaces. You reference this name in the global DNS policy configuration.
Note: After you initially save the configuration, you cannot edit the name.
Address Type
Address Block
Address/mask notation to match the IP address in the packet header.
Create objects to match source IP address and different objects to match destination IP address.
Include—The rule logic creates an address object that includes addresses matching the specified address block.
Exclude—The rule logic creates an address object that excludes addresses matching the specified address block.