Server Load Balancing : Configuring error pages
Configuring error pages
When backend real servers are unavailable, the system can respond to clients attempting HTTP/HTTPS connections with either an error message or an HTML error page.
You do not have to create an error message configuration object if you want only to send an error message. You can configure an error message from within the virtual server configuration.
After you have created an error page configuration object, you can select it in the virtual server configuration.
Before you begin:
Copy the error message file to a location you can reach from your browser. The error message file must be named index.html and must be contained in a zip file.
You must have Read-Write permission for Load Balance settings.
To upload an error message file:
1. Go to Server Load Balance > Virtual Server.
2. Click the Error Page tab.
3. Click Add to display the configuration editor.
4. Give the configuration object a name, browse and select the error message zip file, and click the upload icon.
5. Save the configuration.