Appendix A: Virtual domains : Disabling VDOMs
Disabling VDOMs
Before you begin:
Save a backup of the configuration. Disabling VDOMs changes the structure of your configuration, and deletes most VDOM-related settings. It keeps settings from the root VDOM only.
To disable VDOMs
1. Assign interfaces to the root VDOM. For example:
FortiADC-VM # config global
FortiADC-VM (global) # config system interface
FortiADC-VM (interface) # edit port10
FortiADC-VM (port10) # set vdom root
FortiADC-VM (port10) # end
Changing interface(port10) vdom from docs-vdom(233) to root(1):
change vdom success.
2. Assign admin accounts to the root VDOM or delete them. For example:
FortiADC-VM (global) # config system admin
FortiADC-VM (admin) # delete docs-vdom-admin
FortiADC-VM (admin) # end
3. Delete non-root VDOMs:
FortiADC-VM # config vdom
FortiADC-VM (vdom) # delete docs-vdom
FortiADC-VM (vdom) # end
4. Disable VDOMs:
FortiADC-VM # config global
FortiADC-VM (global) # config system global
FortiADC-VM (global) # set vdom-admin disable
FortiADC-VM (global) # end
The system disables VDOMs and terminates your administrative session.