get : get system performance
get system performance
Use this command to display CPU usage, memory usage, average system load, and up time.
Normal idle load varies by hardware platform, firmware, and configured features. To determine your specific baseline for idle, configure your system completely, reboot, then view the system load. After at least 1 week of uptime with typical traffic volume, view the system load again to determine the normal non-idle baseline.
System load is the average of percentages relative to the maximum possible capability of this hardware/system platform. It includes:
Average system load
Number of HTTP daemon/proxy processes or children
Memory usage
Disk swap usage
get system performance
FortiADC-VM # get system performance
CPU usage: 2% used, 98% idle
Memory usage: 40% used
System Load: 0
Uptime: 12 days 23 hours 32 minutes