diagnose : diagnose netlink interface
diagnose netlink interface
Use this command to display detailed network interface information, such as family, type, MTU, flags. It is similar to the shell command ifconfig.
diagnose netlink interface list [<interface>] <Enter>
FortiADC-VM # diagnose netlink interface ?
list list interface
FortiADC-VM # diagnose netlink interface list ?
<interface-name> interface name
port1 physical
port2 physical
port3 physical
port4 physical
port5 physical
port6 physical
port7 physical
port8 physical
port9 physical
port10 physical
FortiADC-VM # diagnose netlink interface list port1
if=port1 family=00 type=1 index=4 mtu=1500 link=0 master=0
flags=up broadcast run multicast
Qdisc=pfifo_fast hw_addr=00:09:0f:09:00:01: broadcast_addr=ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:
stat: rxp=6453991526227804 txp=749850502384418443 rxb=0 txb=170 rxe=363546 txe=0 rxd=0 txd=0 mc=0 collision=0
re: rxl=0 rxo=6474731918196736 rxc=5103452 rxf=1502687 rxfi=491093643 rxm=174588 175
te: txa=0 txc=0 txfi=170 txh=0 txw=363546