diagnose : diagnose debug crashlog
diagnose debug crashlog
Use this command to manage crashlog files. Typically, you use these commands to gather information for Fortinet Services & Support.
diagnose debug crashlog clear
diagnose debug crashlog delete <filename>
diagnose debug crashlog interval <seconds>
diagnose debug crashlog list
diagnose debug crashlog upload {tftp|ftp} {all|<filename>} <ip>
Clear the crashlog collection.
Delete a single crashlog file.
Set minimum interval time for saving a coredump file of the same daemon.
List crashlog files.
Upload the crashlog file.
Specify whether to use TFTP or FTP.
Specify all files in the collection or a specific filename.
Specify the IP address of the TFTP or FTP server.
FortiADC-VM # diagnose debug crashlog list
6.8M Jun 12 15:17 cli-10229-1434147454.gz
6.8M Jun 19 16:45 cli-28917-1434757535.gz
3.5M Jun 4 13:25 flg_accessd-16401-1433449541.gz
3.5M Jun 4 13:25 flg_accessd-16696-1433449554.gz
3.5M Jun 4 13:26 flg_accessd-17009-1433449561.gz
3.5M Jun 4 13:26 flg_accessd-17165-1433449568.gz
3.5M Jun 4 13:26 flg_accessd-17339-1433449574.gz
3.5M Jun 4 13:26 flg_accessd-17541-1433449581.gz
3.5M Jun 4 13:26 flg_accessd-17711-1433449588.gz
3.5M Jun 4 13:26 flg_accessd-17877-1433449594.gz
3.5M Jun 4 13:26 flg_accessd-18221-1433449607.gz
3.5M Jun 4 13:26 flg_accessd-18392-1433449614.gz
3.6M Jun 10 16:42 info_centerd-1076-1433979763.gz
FortiADC-VM # diagnose debug crashlog upload tftp all
crash.tar 81% |************************* | 43808k 0:00:44 ETA