config global-load-balance : config global-load-balance host
config global-load-balance host
Use this command to create host configurations. Host settings are used to form the zone configuration and resource records in the generated DNS zone used for global load balancing.
Before you begin:
You must have created the global virtual server pools you want to use.
You must have read-write permission for global load balancing settings.
After you have created a host configuration object, it can be used to form the zone and resource records in the generated DNS zone configuration.
config global-load-balance host
edit <name>
set domain-name <string>
set host-name <string>
set virtual-server-pool <datasource>
The domain name must end with a period. For example:
The hostname part of the FQDN, such as www.
Specify a virtual server pool configuration object.
FortiADC-VM # config global-load-balance host
FortiADC-VM (host) # edit www_fadc_com
Add new entry 'www_fadc_com' for node 2869
FortiADC-VM (www_fadc_com) # get
host-name :
domain-name :
virtual-server-pool :
FortiADC-VM (www_fadc_com) # set host-name www
FortiADC-VM (www_fadc_com) # set domain-name
FortiADC-VM (www_fadc_com) # set virtual-server-pool pool_test
FortiADC-VM (www_fadc_com) # end