Appendix A: Virtual domains : Enabling VDOMs
Enabling VDOMs
Before you begin:
Save a backup of the configuration. Enabling VDOMs changes the structure of your configuration, so you want to be able to easily revert to the system state before VDOMs were enabled.
To enable VDOMs
1. Log in with the admin account.
Other administrators do not have permissions to configure VDOMs.
2. Enter the following commands:
config system global
set vdom-admin enable
FortiADC terminates your administrative session.
3. Log in again.
When VDOMs are enabled, and if you log in as admin, the top level of the shell changes: the two top level items are config global and config vdom.
config global contains settings that only admin or other accounts with the prof_admin access profile can change.
config vdom contains each VDOM and its respective settings.
This menu and CLI structure change is not visible to non-global accounts; VDOM administrators’ navigation menus continue to appear similar to when VDOMs are disabled, except that global settings such as network interfaces, HA, and other global settings do not appear.
4. Continue by defining VDOMs.