get : get system status
get system status
Use this command to display system status information including:
Firmware version, build number and date
License and registration status
Serial number
IP Reputation database version
Log disk availability
Current HA mode
System time
get system status
FortiADC-VM # get system status
Version: FortiADC-VM v4.3.0,build0353,150617
VM Registration: Valid: License has been successfully authenticated with registration servers.
VM License File: License file and resources are valid.
VM Resources: 1 CPU/1 allowed, 1620 MB RAM/2048 MB allowed, 23 GB Disk/1024 GB allowed
Serial-Number: FADV010000028122
IP Reputation DB: 00001.00094 (2015-10-26)
BIOS version: n/a
Log disk: Capacity 23 GB, Used 619 MB ( 2.58%), Free 22 GB
Hostname: FortiADC-VM
HA configured mode: standalone
HA effective mode: Standalone
Distribution: International
Uptime: 0 days 0 hours 27 minutes
Last reboot: Fri Jun 19 15:53:55 2015
System time: Fri Jun 19 16:21:37 2015