execute : execute shutdown
execute shutdown
Use this command to prepare the FortiADC appliance to be powered down by halting the software, clearing all buffers, and writing all cached data to disk.
Power off the FortiADC appliance only after issuing this command. Unplugging or switching off the FortiADC appliance without issuing this command could result in data loss.
execute shutdown
FortiADC-VM # execute shutdown
This operation will halt the system!
Do you want to continue? (y/n) y
System is shutting down...(power-cycle needed to restart)
If you are connected to the CLI through a local console, the CLI displays a message when the shutdown is complete.
If you are connected to the CLI through the network, the CLI will not display any notification when the shutdown is complete, as this occurs after the network interfaces have been shut down. Instead, you may notice that the connection times out.