diagnose : diagnose debug cli
diagnose debug cli
Use this command to set the debug level for CLI commands. The debug messages are returned when you enter CLI commands.
diagnose debug cli [<level>] <Enter>
If you do not specify a debug level and press Enter, the command displays the current debug level.
Valid range is 0 to 8, where 0 disables debug logs and 8 generates the most verbose logging.
FortiADC-VM # diagnose debug cli 8
After you set the debug level, messages are written to the CLI when you enter commands:
FortiADC-VM # config system interface
FortiADC-VM (interface) # edit 2
Add new entry '2' for node 1
FortiADC-VM (2) # set ip 123
set attribute [4]ip
invalid ip address/mask 123.
data converting failed 4
Command fail. Return code is -39
FortiADC-VM (2) # end
attribute 'type' must be set
fgtlog: added a new entry '2' failed (-56) for "system interface"
Command fail. Return code is -56
FortiADC-VM #