Using the CLI : Connecting to the CLI using a local console : Connecting to the CLI using Telnet
Connecting to the CLI using Telnet
Once the FortiADC appliance is configured to accept Telnet connections, you can use a Telnet client on your management computer to connect to the CLI.
Telnet is not a secure access method. SSH should be used to access the CLI from the Internet or any other untrusted network.
a computer with an RJ-45 Ethernet port
a crossover Ethernet cable
a FortiADC network interface configured to accept Telnet connections
terminal emulation software such as PuTTY
To connect to the CLI using Telnet
1. On your management computer, start PuTTY.
2. In Host Name (or IP Address), type the IP address of a network interface on which you have enabled Telnet administrative access.
3. In Port, type 23.
4. From Connection type, select Telnet.
5. Click Open.
6. Type a valid administrator account name (such as admin) and press Enter.
7. Type the password for this administrator account and press Enter.
If three incorrect login or password attempts occur in a row, you will be disconnected. Wait one minute, then reconnect to attempt the login again.
The CLI displays a command line prompt (by default, its host name followed by a #). You can now enter CLI commands.