config log : config log setting highspeed
config log setting highspeed
Use this command to configure high speed logging.
The high speed log feature is intended for deployments that require a high volume of logging activity. The logs are sent in binary format so they can be sent at a high speed. If you want to use high speed logging, contact Fortinet to obtain a utility for handling the binary format.
The feature supports traffic logs. Event logs and security logs are not supported.
Before you begin:
You must have read-write permission for log settings.
config log setting highspeed
set server <string>
set status {enable | disable}
set traffic-log-status {enable | disable}
set traffic-log-category {slb|dns}
set udpport <integer>
IP address of the syslog server.
Enable/disable the configuration.
Enable/disable logging for traffic processed by the load balancing modules.
slb—Send server load balancing logs.
dns—Send global load balancing logs.
Listening port number of the syslog server. Usually this is UDP port 514.