config link-load-balance : config link-load-balance virtual-tunnel
config link-load-balance virtual-tunnel
Use this command to configure virtual tunnels.
Virtual tunnels enable reliable, site-to-site connectivity using Generic Routing Encapsulation (GRE) to tunnel traffic between pairs of FortiADC appliances.
The virtual tunnel group configuration sets the list of tunnel members, as well as load balancing options like algorithm and weight.
When you add members to a virtual tunnel configuration, you specify a local and remote IP address. These addresses are IP addresses assigned to a network interface on the local and remote FortiADC appliance.
Before you begin:
You must have read-write permission for link load balance settings.
After you have configured a virtual tunnel configuration object, you can select it in the link policy configuration.
config link-load-balance virtual-tunnel
edit <name>
set dispatch-method {vt-wrr|vt-chash}
config vt-member
edit <name>
set health-check-ctrl {enable|disable}
set status {enable|disable}
set tunnel-local-addr <class_ip>
set tunnel-remote-addr <class_ip>
set weight <integer>
vt-wrr: Dispatches packets to VT members using a weighted round-robin method.
vt-chash: Dispatches packets by source-destination IP address tuple.
enable—Designate the tunnel as a backup member of the group. All backup members are inactive until all main members are down.
disable—Designate the tunnel as a main member of the group.
enable—Send probes to test whether the link is available.
disable—Do not send probes to test the health of the link.
enable—The member is considered available for new traffic.
disable—The member is considered unavailable for new traffic.
IP address for the network interface this system uses to form a VPN tunnel with the remote system.
IP address that the remote FortiADC system uses to form a VPN tunnel with this system.
Assigns relative preference among members—higher values are more preferred and are assigned connections more frequently.
FortiADC-VM # config link-load-balance virtual-tunnel
FortiADC-VM (virtual-tunnel) # edit llb-vt
Add new entry 'llb-vt' for node 222
FortiADC-VM (llb-vt) # get
dispatch-method : vt-wrr
FortiADC-VM (llb-vt) # config vt-member
FortiADC-VM (vt-member) # edit vt-member-1
Add new entry 'vt-member-1' for node 225
FortiADC-VM (vt-member-1) # get
tunnel-local-addr :
tunnel-remote-addr :
weight : 1
status : enable
health-check-ctrl : disable
FortiADC-VM (vt-member-1) # set health-check-ctrl enable
FortiADC-VM (vt-member-1) # set tunnel-local-addr
FortiADC-VM (vt-member-1) # set tunnel-remote-addr
FortiADC-VM (vt-member-1) # end
FortiADC-VM (llb-vt) # get
dispatch-method : vt-wrr
== [ vt-member-1 ]
FortiADC-VM (llb-vt) # show
config link-load-balance virtual-tunnel
edit "llb-vt"
config vt-member
edit "vt-member-1"
set tunnel-local-addr
set tunnel-remote-addr
set health-check-ctrl enable