Monitoring your system : The dashboard : Virtual Server Summary widget
Virtual Server Summary widget
The Virtual Server Summary widget on the dashboard displays the current availability (according to its latest health checks), session load, and associated server farm/pool for each virtual server
Figure 13: Virtual Server Summary widget
The Available column icon indicates the configured up/down status.
Green icon — Enabled. The virtual server is responsive to connections (“up”). How many connections it can handle is indicated by the background color of the Virtual Server column:
Green Virtual Server background — Fully enabled.
Yellow Virtual Server background — Reduced connection capacity (“Maintenance Mode”).
Red icon — Enabled, but not responding to health checks. It is not responsive to connections (“down”).
Grey icon — Disabled. It is not responsive to connections (“down”).
To view details such as connection limits and statuses of each server in the pool, double-click a row in the widget. (You can also reach this page by going to System > Status > Detailed VS Status.)
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