Key concepts : How to use the web UI : URL for access
URL for access
You access the web UI by URL, using a network interface on the FortiADC appliance that you have configured for administrative access.
For first-time connection, see “Connecting to the web UI”.
The default URL to access the web UI through the network interface on port1 is:
If the network interfaces were configured during installation of the FortiADC appliance (see “Configuring the network settings”), the URL and/or permitted administrative access protocols may no longer be in their default state. In that case, use either a DNS-resolvable domain name for the FortiADC appliance as the URL, or the IP address that was assigned to the network interface during the installation process.
For example, you might have configured port2 with the IP address and enabled HTTPS. You might have also configured a private DNS server on your network to resolve to In this case, to access the web UI through port2, you could enter either or
For information on enabling administrative access protocols and configuring IP addresses for the FortiADC appliance, see “Configuring the network settings”.
If the URL is correct and you still cannot access the web UI, you may also need to configure FortiADC to accept login attempts for your administrator account from that computer (that is, trusted hosts), and/or static routes. For details, see “Administrators” and “Adding a gateway”.