How to set up your FortiADC : Updating the firmware
Updating the firmware
Your new FortiADC appliance comes with the latest operating system (firmware) when shipped. However, if a new version has been released since your appliance was shipped, you should install it before you continue the installation.
Fortinet periodically releases FortiADC firmware updates to include enhancements and address issues. After you register your FortiADC appliance, FortiADC firmware is available for download at:
New firmware can introduce new features which you must configure for the first time.
For late-breaking information specific to the firmware release version, see the Release Notes available with that release.
In addition to major releases that contain new features, Fortinet releases patch releases that resolve specific issues without containing new features and/or changes to existing features. It is recommended to download and install patch releases as soon as they are available.
Before you can download firmware updates for your FortiADC appliance, you must first register your FortiADC appliance with Fortinet Technical Support. For details, go to or contact Fortinet Technical Support.
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