How to set up your FortiADC : Testing your installation
Testing your installation
When the configuration is complete, test it by forming connections between legitimate clients and servers at various points within your network topology.
Examine the Virtual Server Network Throughput or Virtual Server Sessions widget on System > Status > Dashboard. If there is no traffic, you have a problem. See “Connectivity issues”.
Figure 7: Virtual Server Network Throughput widget showing a problem: no traffic
If a connection fails, you can use tools included in the firmware to determine whether the problem is local to the appliance or elsewhere on the network. See “Troubleshooting”. Also revisit troubleshooting recommendations included with each feature’s instructions.
Once testing is complete, finish your basic setup with “Backups”. Your FortiADC appliance has many additional features that you can use. You can also fine-tune the configuration to suit your specific case (such as with “Hardening security”). For details, see the other chapters in this Handbook.