Monitoring your system : The dashboard : System Information widget
System Information widget
The System Information widget on the dashboard displays the serial number and the status of basic systems, such as the firmware version, system time, up time, and host name.
In addition to displaying system information, the System Information widget enables you to configure some basic attributes such as the host name, and to change the firmware.
FortiADC administrators whose access profiles permit Write access to items in the System category, can change the system time, host name, and firmware.
Table 6: System Information widget
Setting name
Firmware Version
Displays the version of the firmware currently installed on the FortiADC appliance.
Click Update to install a new version of firmware. See “Updating the firmware”.
Host Name
Displays the host name of the FortiADC appliance.
Click Change to change the host name. See “Changing the FortiADC appliance’s host name”.
Serial Number
Displays the serial number of the FortiADC appliance. Use this number when registering the hardware or virtual appliance with Fortinet Technical Support.
On hardware appliance models of FortiADC, the serial number (e.g. FAD111111111111) is specific to the FortiADC appliance’s hardware and does not change with firmware upgrades.
On virtual appliance (FortiADC-VM) models, the serial number indicates the maximum number of vCPUs that can be allocated according to the FortiADC-VM software license, such as FADV080000003619 (where “V08” indicates a limit of 8vCPUs).
System Time
Displays the current date and time according to the FortiADC appliance’s internal clock.
Click Change to change the time or configure the FortiADC appliance to get the time from an NTP server. See “Setting the system time & date”.
System Uptime
Displays the time in days, hours, and minutes since the FortiADC appliance last started.
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