Key concepts : HA heartbeat & synchronization : Configuration settings that are not synchronized by HA
Configuration settings that are not synchronized by HA
All configuration settings on the active appliance are synchronized to the standby appliance, except the following:
Host name
The host name distinguishes each member of the FortiADC HA cluster. See “Changing the FortiADC appliance’s host name”.
Network interfaces
Only the FortiADC appliance acting as the main appliance, actively scanning web traffic, is configured with IP addresses on its network interfaces.
The standby appliance will only use the configured IP addresses if a failover occurs, and the standby appliance therefore must assume the role of the main appliance. See “Configuring the physical network interfaces”.
SNMP system information
Each FortiADC appliance in the HA group will have its own SNMP system information, including the Description, Location, and Contact. See “SNMP traps & queries”.
HA active/standby status and priority
The HA configuration, which includes Device Priority, is not synchronized because this configuration must be different on the primary and secondary appliances.
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