Backups : Restoring a previous configuration
Restoring a previous configuration
If you have downloaded configuration backups, you can upload one to revert the appliance’s configuration to that point.
Uploading a configuration file can also be used to configure many features of the FortiADC appliance in a single batch: download a configuration file backup, edit the file in a plain text editor, then upload the finalized configuration.
To upload a configuration via the web UI
1. Go to System > Maintenance > Backup & Restore.
2. Select Restore.
3. Either type the path and file name of the file to restore in the From File field, or click Browse to locate the file. (It has a .conf file extension.)
4. Click the Restore button to start the restoration of the selected configuration to a file.
Your web browser uploads the configuration file and the FortiADC appliance restarts with the new configuration. Time required to restore varies by the size of the file and the speed of your network connection. Your web UI session will be terminated when the FortiADC appliance restarts.
5. To continue using the web UI, if you have not changed the IP address and static routes of the web UI, simply refresh the web page and log in again.
Otherwise, to access the web UI again, in your web browser, modify the URL t to match the new IP address of the network interface.
For example, if you configured port1 with the IP address, you would browse to:
If the new IP address is on a different subnet than the previous IP address, and your computer is directly connected to the FortiADC appliance, you may also need to modify the IP address and subnet of your computer to match the FortiADC appliance’s new IP address.