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Renaming entries
In the web UI, each entry’s name is not editable after you create and save it.
For example, let’s say you create a policy whose Name is “PolicyA”. While configuring the policy, you change your mind about the policy’s name a few times, and ultimately you change the Name to “BlogPolicy”. Finally, you click OK to save the policy. Afterwards, if you edit the policy, most settings can be changed. However, Name is greyed-out, and cannot any longer be changed.
While you cannot edit Name, you can achieve the same effect by other means.
To rename an entry
Alternatively, if you need to rename an item that is only referenced in the core configuration file, you can download a backup copy, use a plain text editor to find and replace the entry’s old name, then restore the modified configuration backup file to the appliance. Where there are many references, this may save time.
1. Clone the entry, supplying the new name.
2. In all areas of the configuration that refer to the old name, replace the old entry name by selecting the new name.
If you do not know where your configuration refers to the entry that you want to delete, to find the references, you can download a backup of the configuration and use a plain text editor to search for the entry’s name.
3. Delete the item with the old name.
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