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Concurrent administrator sessions
Multiple accounts/sessions can be logged in to a FortiADC appliance at the same time.
However, you should ensure they do not change the same areas of the configuration at the same time.
FortiADC does not lock a table while someone is editing it, nor does it notify other sessions that another person is using it. FortiADC also does not save the settings atomically. Each area of the configuration contains multiple settings. For example, each static route contains settings for both its gateway and destination address. When administrators change a setting and then save it, FortiADC does not only save that one changed setting — it also re-saves that session’s cache all of the unchanged settings in that same area. Therefore when multiple administrators are all configuring the same area at the same time, the last session to save the area’s settings will overwrite the other sessions’ changes.
To prevent this, you can either:
use access profiles to restrict each person to separate parts of the configuration (“Restricting permissions”), or
communicate with other administrators so that you do not configure the same settings at the same time