Monitoring your system : The dashboard : License Information widget
License Information widget
The License Information widget on the dashboard displays Fortinet Technical Support registration and licensing information.
Table 7: License Information widget
Setting name
Indicates which account registered this appliance with Fortinet Technical Support. Possible states are:
False — Not registered with Fortinet Technical Support.
True — Registered with Fortinet Technical Support.
To manage technical support contracts for this device, go the Fortinet Technical Support web site.
Indicates the:
number of currently allocated/ allowed vCPUs according to this virtual machine’s FortiADC-VM license
MB of currently allocated/maximum allowed vRAM
GB of currently allocated/maximum allowed vDisk space
Indicates whether or not this FortiADC-VM appliance has a paid software license. The license affects the maximum number of allocatable vCPUs.
Possible states are:
Valid — The appliance has a valid, non-trial license. Serial Number in the System Information widget indicates the maximum number of vCPUs that can be allocated according to this license.
To increase the number of vCPUs that this appliance can utilize, invalidate the current license by allocating more vCPUs in your virtual machine environment (e.g. VMware), then upload a new license.
Invalid — The FortiADC-VM appliance license either was not valid, or is currently a trial license.
To upload a purchased license, click Upload License.
This appears only in FortiADC-VM.