Advanced/optional system settings : Changing the FortiADC appliance’s host name
Changing the FortiADC appliance’s host name
The host name of the FortiADC appliance is used in several places.
The name appears in the System Information widget on System > Status > Dashboard. For more information about the System Information widget, see “System Information widget”.
It is used in the command prompt of the CLI.
It is used as the SNMP system name. For information about SNMP, see “SNMP traps & queries”.
The System Information widget and the get system status CLI command display the full host name. If the host name is longer than 16 characters, the name may be truncated and end with a tilde ( ~ ) to indicate that additional characters exist, but are not displayed.
For example, if the host name is FortiADC1234567890, the CLI prompt would be FortiADC123456789~#.
Administrators whose access profiles permit Write access to items in the System category can change the host name.
To change the host name of the FortiADC appliance
1. Go to System > Status > Dashboard.
2. In the System Information widget, in the Host Name row, click Change.
3. In the New Name field, type a new host name.
The host name can be up to 35 characters in length. It can include US‑ASCII letters, numbers, hyphens, and underscores, but not spaces and special characters.
4. Click Save.
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