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Deleting entries
To delete a part of the configuration, you must first remove all references to it.
For example, if you selected a server pool named “Pool1” in a content-based routing rule named “ContentRouteA”, that content route references “Pool1” and requires it to exist. Therefore the appliance will not allow you to delete “Pool1” until you have reconfigured “ContentRouteA” (and any other references) so that “Pool1” is no longer required and may be safely deleted.
Back up the configuration before deleting any part of the configuration. Deleted items cannot be recovered unless you upload a backup copy of the previous configuration. See “Backups” and “Restoring a previous configuration”.
If you do not know where your configuration refers to the entry that you want to delete, to find the references, you can download a backup of the configuration and use a plain text editor to search for the entry’s name.
Predefined entries included with the firmware cannot be deleted.
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