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Scheduling reports
When configuring a report profile, you can select whether the FortiADC appliance will generate the report on demand or according to the schedule that you configure. (To start at the beginning of the report configuration instructions, see “To configure a report profile”.)
Generating reports can be resource-intensive. To improve performance, schedule reports during times when traffic volume is low, such as at night or during weekends. To determine the current traffic volumes, see “Virtual Server Summary widget”.
Setting name
Not Scheduled
Select if you do not want the FortiADC appliance to generate the report automatically according to a schedule.
If you select this option, the report will only be generated on demand, when you manually click the Run now icon from the report profile list. For more information, see “Reports”.
Select to generate the report each day. Also configure Time.
These Days
Select to generate the report on specific days of each week, then mark the check boxes for those days. Also configure Time.
These Dates
Select to generate the report on specific date of each month, then enter those date numbers. Separate multiple date numbers with a comma. Also configure Time.
For example, to generate a report on the first and 30th day of every month, enter 1,30.
Select the time of the day when the report will be generated.
This option does not apply if you have selected Not Scheduled.