How to set up your FortiADC : Configuring the network settings
Configuring the network settings
When shipped, each of the FortiADC appliance’s physical network adapter ports (or, for FortiADC‑VM, vNICs) has a default IP address and netmask. If these IP addresses and netmasks are not compatible with the design of your unique network, you must configure them.
Table 5: Default IP addresses and netmasks
Network Interface*
IPv4 Address/Netmask
IPv6 Address/Netmask
* The number of network interfaces varies by model.
You also must configure FortiADC with the IP address of your DNS servers and gateway router.
You can use either the web UI or the CLI to configure these basic network settings.
If you are installing a FortiADC-VM virtual appliance, and you followed the instructions in the FortiADC-VM Install Guide, you have already configured some of the settings for port1. To fully configure all of the network interfaces, you must complete this chapter.