Welcome, and thank you for selecting Fortinet products for your network.
FortiADC hardware and FortiADC-VM virtual appliance models are available that are suitable for medium and large enterprises, as well as service providers.
FortiADC is designed to provide application-aware routing, encryption, and compression.
Application delivery controllers (ADC) specialize in alleviating network application performance bottlenecks and rerouting traffic during downtime or to meet distributed application designs. Without a load balancer or reverse proxy, clients attempt to connect to a server that may be busy or offline. With FortiADC, clients instead connect to FortiADC, which then makes a separate connection of its own to the back-end server, after it decides which server is optimal for quickly processing the request, and avoids servers that are busy or experiencing downtime. This benefits network services such as:
HTTP/HTTPS web applications such as Microsoft Outlook Web App (OWA)
Generic TCP
Generic UDP
FortiADC’s application-aware load balancing engine can:
Load balance based on network Layer 4connections or Layer 7 transactions as well as distance from the client — whether your servers are local or scattered around the world
Reduce response times
Improve your users’ experience
Monitor servers for downtime & connection load
Multiplex TCP connections
Accelerate SSL/TLS *
Accelerate compression/decompression
Rewrite HTTP content on the fly
* On VM models, acceleration is due to offloading the cryptography burden from the back-end server. On hardware models with ASIC chips, cryptography is also hardware-accelerated.