system dedicated-mgmt

Use this command to enable/disable and configure the Dedicated Management Port on the FortiGate. An interface can be selected as the Dedicated Management Port, to limit a single secure channel to the device's configuration.

Using this command is not recommended and it is not available on all FortiGate models. Instead you can enter the following to configure an interface to be dedicated to management:

config system interface

edit <interface-name>

set dedicated-to management


config system dedicated-mgmt
    set status {enable | disable}   Enable/disable dedicated management.
    set interface {string}   Dedicated management interface. size[15] - datasource(s):
    set default-gateway {ipv4 address}   Default gateway for dedicated management interface.
    set dhcp-server {enable | disable}   Enable/disable DHCP server on management interface.
    set dhcp-netmask {ipv4 netmask}   DHCP netmask.
    set dhcp-start-ip {ipv4 address}   DHCP start IP for dedicated management.
    set dhcp-end-ip {ipv4 address}   DHCP end IP for dedicated management.