system auto-install

Use this command to configure automatic installation of firmware and system configuration from a USB disk when the FortiGate unit restarts. This command is available only on units that have a USB disk connection.

If you set both configuration and firmware image update, both occur on the same reboot. The FortiGate unit will not reload a firmware or configuration file that is already loaded.

Third-party USB disks are supported; however, the USB disk must be formatted as a FAT16 drive. No other partition type is supported.

To format your USB Disk when its connected to your FortiGate unit, at the CLI prompt type exe usb-disk format.

To format your USB disk when it is connected to a Windows system, at the command prompt type “format <drive_letter>: /FS:FAT /V:<drive_label>” where <drive_letter> is the letter of the connected USB drive you want to format, and <drive_label> is the name you want to give the USB disk volume for identification.

config system auto-install
    set auto-install-config {enable | disable}   Enable/disable auto install the config in USB disk.
    set auto-install-image {enable | disable}   Enable/disable auto install the image in USB disk.
    set default-config-file {string}   Default config file name in USB disk. size[127]
    set default-image-file {string}   Default image file name in USB disk. size[127]

Additional information

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