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LED options

Optionally, the status LEDs on the FortiAP can be kept dark. This is useful in dormitories, classrooms, hotels, medical clinics, hospitals where the lights might be distracting or annoying to occupants.

On the FortiGate, the LED state is controlled in the FortiAP Profile. By default the LEDs are enabled. The setting is CLI-only. For example, to disable the LEDs on FortiAP-221C units controlled by the FAP221C-default profile, enter:

config wireless-controller wtp-profile

edit FAP221C-default

set led-state disable



You can override the FortiAP Profile LED state setting on an individual FortiAP using the CLI. For example, to make sure the LEDs are disabled on one specific unit, enter:

config wireless-controller wtp

edit FAP221C3X14019926

set override-led-state enable

set led-state disable



The LED state is also controllable from the FortiAP unit itself. By default, the FortiAP follows the FortiAP Profile setting.