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FortiAP Groups

FortiAP Groups facilitate the application of FortiAP profiles to large numbers of FortiAPs. A FortiAP can belong to no more than one FortiAP Group. A FortiAP Group can include only one model of FortiAP.

Through the VLAN Pool feature, a FortiAP Group can be associated with a VLAN to which WiFi clients will be assigned.

As of FortiOS 5.4.2, FortiAP groups are only configurable in the CLI Console.

To create a FortiAP group - CLI

In this example, a wtp-group-1 is created for FortiAP-221C device and one member device is added.

config wireless-controller wtp-group

edit wtp-group-1

set platform-type 221C

config wtp-list

edit FP221C3X14019926