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What's New in FortiOS 5.4.3

Most development work in FortiOS 5.4.3 involved resolving issues. However, there was a new feature as well.

FortiGate compatibility with FortiAP-C series (380150, 386116, 383004)

A new command, fapc-compatibility under config wireless-controller setting, has been added to enable or disable FortiAP-C series management by the FortiGate. Default FortiAP-C wtp-profiles will be added once the command is enabled.

This feature is only available when the command's country setting is set to either CN (China) or SG (Singapore); all other countries are unsupported. This options is disabled by default.

To enable FortiGate compatibility with FortiAP-C, enter the following command:

config wireless-controller setting

set country {CN | SG}

set fapc-compatibility {enable | disable}


note icon Note that disabling fapc-compatibility will remove all the FAP-C series wtp-groups, wtps, and wtp-profiles.

FortiAP-C series models will become available as supported platform types under config wireless-controller wtp-profile, but only when country in wireless-controller setting and ap-country in wtp-profile are both set to the same supported country (either China or Singapore).

The following FortiAP-C models are supported platform models for this command: C220C, C225C, C221E, C226E, C23JD, C24JE, and C21D.

To set the platform type, enter the following command:

config wireless-controller wtp-profile

edit <example>

config platform

set type <model>