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Changing how long to wait for call setup to complete

In some cases and some configurations your SIP system may experience delays during call setup. If this happens, some SIP ALG timers may expire before call setup is complete and drop the call. In some cases you may also want to reduce the amount of time the SIP ALG allows for call setup to complete.

You can use the provisional-invite-expiry-time SIP VoIP profile option to control how long the SIP ALG waits for provisional INVITE messages before assuming that the call setup has been interrupted and the SIP call should be dropped. The default value for this timer is 210 seconds. You can change it to between 10 and 3600 seconds.

Use the following command to change the expiry time to 100 seconds.

config voip profile

edit Profile_name

config sip

set provisional-invite-expiry-time 100