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> Chapter 34 - VoIP Solutions: SIP > Stateful SIP tracking, call termination, and session inactivity timeout > Adding a media stream timeout for SIP calls

Adding a media stream timeout for SIP calls

Use the following command in a VoIP profile to terminate SIP calls accepted by a security policy containing the VoIP profile when the RTP media stream is idle for 100 seconds.

config voip profile

edit VoIP_Pro_Name

config sip

set call-keepalive 100



You can adjust this setting between 1 and 10,080 seconds. The default call keepalive setting of 0 disables terminating a call if the media stream is interrupted. Set call keepalive higher if your network has latency problems that could temporarily interrupt media streams. If you have configured call keepalive and the FortiGate terminates calls unexpectedly you can increase the call keepalive time to resolve the problem.

caution icon Call keep alive should be used with caution because enabling this feature results in extra FortiGate CPU overhead and can cause delay/jitter for the VoIP call. Also, the FortiGate terminates the call without sending SIP messages to end the call. And if the SIP endpoints send SIP messages to terminate the call they will be blocked by the FortiGate if they are sent after the FortiGate terminates the call.