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> Chapter 34 - VoIP Solutions: SIP > Stateful SIP tracking, call termination, and session inactivity timeout > Adding an idle dialog setting for SIP calls

Adding an idle dialog setting for SIP calls

Use the following command in a VoIP profile to terminate SIP calls when for a single security policy, when the configured number of SIP calls (or dialogs) has stopped receiving SIP messages or has not received legitimate SIP messages. Using this command you can configure how many dialogs that have been accepted by a security policy that the VoIP profile is added to become idle before the SIP ALG deletes the oldest ones. The following command sets the maximum number of idle dialogs to 200:

config voip profile

edit VoIP_Pro_Name

config sip

set max-idle-dialogs 200



Idle dialogs would usually be dialogs that have been interrupted because of errors or problems or as the result of a SIP attack that opens a large number of SIP dialogs without closing them. This command provides a way to remove these dialogs from the dialog table and recover memory and resources being used by these open and idle dialogs.

You can adjust this setting between 1 and a very high number. The default maximum idle dialogs setting of 0 disables this feature. Set maximum dialogs higher if your network has latency problems that could temporarily interrupt SIP messaging. If you have configured max idle dialogs and the FortiGate terminates calls unexpectedly you can increase the max idle dialogs number to resolve the problem.