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> Chapter 34 - VoIP Solutions: SIP > Introduction


This FortiOS Handbook chapter contains the following sections:

Inside FortiOS: VoIP Protection introduces FortiOS VoIP Protection

FortiGate VoIP solutions–SIP introduces FortiGate SIP support.

Common SIP VoIP configurations describes some common SIP configurations.

SIP messages and media protocols describes SIP messages and some common SIP media protocols.

The SIP session helper describes how the SIP session helper works and how to configure SIP support using the SIP session helper.

The SIP ALG describes how the SIP Application Layer Gateway (ALG) works and how to configure SIP support using the SIP ALG.

Conflicts between the SIP ALG and the session helper describes how to sort out conflicts between the SIP session helper and the ALG.

Stateful SIP tracking, call termination, and session inactivity timeout describes how the SIP ALG performs SIP stateful tracking, call termination and session actitivity timeouts.

SIP and RTP/RTCP describes how SIP relates to RTP and RTCP.

How the SIP ALG creates RTP pinholes describes how the SIP ALG creates pinholes.

Configuration example: SIP in Transparent Mode describes how to configure a FortiGate in Transparent mode to support SIP.

RTP enable/disable (RTP bypass) describes RTP bypass.

Opening and closing SIP register, contact, via and record-route pinholes describes how FortiOS opens and closes these pinholes.

Accepting SIP register responses describes how to enable accepting SIP register responses.

How the SIP ALG performs NAT describes how the SIP ALG performs NAT.

Enhancing SIP pinhole security describes how to open smaller pinholes.

Hosted NAT traversal describes SIP hosted NAT traversal and how to configure it.

SIP over IPv6 describes how to configure SIP over IPv6.

Deep SIP message inspection describes how deep SIP message inspection works.

Blocking SIP request messages describes how to block SIP request messages to prevent some common SIP attacks.

SIP rate limiting includes more options for preventing SIP attacks.

SIP logging describes how to enable SIP logging.

Inspecting SIP over SSL/TLS (secure SIP) describes how to inspection encrypted SIP traffic.

SIP and HA–session failover and geographic redundancy describes how to use FGCP HA to support SIP geographic redundancy.

SIP and IPS describes how to turn on IPS for SIP sessions.

SIP debugging describes some tools for debugging your SIP configuration.